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Ingwe-Safaris Ingwe-Safaris
12685 Coyote Drive
Claremore, Oklahoma 74017


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  • Gemsbuck
  • Impala
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  • Springbuck
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    Our specialty is plains game. We have over 32 different species available to hunt. South Africa is often called the (Supermarket of Africa). Where else can one go and see so many different species on one outing. No where!! Our hunts are first class but not fancy. If it's champagne and crystal your into then you're at the wrong place. We are more of a beer and bbq style. Great food and a friendly staff. Wonderful lodging and huge hunting concessions. Our success rate is high. Actually it's very high on mature trophy animals. And best of all you will have it all to yourselves. We never overlap hunting parties. This is what gives us the personal touch and makes a Ingwe Safari so special. No hidden charges and nickel and dimeing here.

    Ingwe Safaris is located 2 hours from Kimberly South Africa. Kimberly is the diamond capitol of the world. Home of the De Beers.

    We hunt from March till October. June being the dead of our winter here. The terrain we hunt is like the Texas brush country. We don't really have a wet season. However it is cold in the mornings and warms up nicely by midday. We hunt from safari trucks, blinds and spot and stalk. Most people rifle hunt but we have had many bow hunters as well. Handguns are legal to hunt with in South Africa.


    Pricing and Policies


    5 Animal Special
    6 Days - 5 animals
    Springbuck, Impala or Warthog, Blesbuck, Gemsbuck & Kudu
    $3,900 each for 2 on 1 or $4,200 for 1 0n 1

    Ingwe Safaris Family Package
    6 days - 7 animals
    Kudu, Blesbuck, Steinbuck or Duiker, Warthog, Gemsbuck, Springbuck & Impala
    This is a 2 on 1 hunt for a Father, Child (16 or under) or Wife combo Safari.
    Total Price is $5650 . You can add another family member for $1000.Package includes everything for two.

    Steinbuck $200 Cape Kudu $1100
    Gemsbuckinbuck $800 Blesbuck $300
    Springbuck $250 Grey Duiker $200
    Warthog $300 Impala $350
    Mountain Reedbuck $600 Bushbuck $900
    Common Reedbuck $900 Klipspringer $1100
    Fallow Deer $600 Black Springbuck $400
    Blue Wildebeest $900 Red Hartebeest $900
    Zebra $1300 Black Wildebeest $900
    Barbary Sheep $2000 Greater Kudu $1500
    White Springbuck $800 Eland $1800
    Nyala $2500 White Blesbuck $500
    Waterbuck $1800 Lechwe $3000
    Sable On Request Giraffe $3500
    Scimiter Oryx $3500 Black Buck $2000
    Brown Springbuck $700 Bontebuck $1200
    Roan On Request    

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